We are your advocacy ally, navigating you from policy to progress.

Expert Navigation Through Complex Political Terrain

In a world where public policy and business interests intersect, standing out and being heard demands strategic insight and decisive action. At CIS, we empower progress by translating challenges into opportunities.

Whether it's shifting regulations, legislative hurdles, or the need for persuasive grassroots campaigns, we're your partner in pioneering effective solutions and driving forward public initiatives that align with your goals.

Our clients value our insight, and ability to navigate the intersection of business, politics, and policy based on our significant experience and relationships.

Our reputation is built on the bedrock of trust and significant networks spanning Nigeria’s capital and geo-political zones.

Our seasoned team of former senior government officials and campaign strategists brings to the table a formidable mix of experience, savvy negotiation skills, and a robust network to ensure your voice resonates where it matters most.

Our Services

Policy & Government Relations:

  • Policy Advocacy and Strategy.
  • Issue Management and Crisis Resolution.
  • Legislative Networking.
  • Stakeholder Mobilization and Alliances.
  • Geo-political Zone Engagement.
  • Customized Research and Policy Analysis.
  • Nuturing Top-tier Connections.

Political Campaigns:

  • Strategic Campaign Blueprint.
  • Audience Targeting.
  • Message and Policy Sculpting.
  • Polling and Insights.
  • Media & Communications Integration.
  • Campaign Team Education.
  • Media training.

Project Management & Strategic Execution:

  • Adaptive Strategy Integration.
  • Versatile Project Oversight.
  • Cross-Sector Collaboration.
  • Resourceful Delivery.